Our boldest interior design decisions include  decorating a £5m loft with chairs made by ex-convicts  and re-using discarded glass bottles to build the bar of a London private member's club.  

We aim to unite the artistic, the socially conscious, the disadvantaged and the affluent through design. 


The apartment of progress

This curated living space challenges the misconception that socially conscious and sustainable design relinquishes style.

L’Appartement du Progrès brings together noteworthy designs picked from 19 greek street’s collections, including Nina Tolstrup’s Re-imagined chairs; Marni‘s 100 Chairs made by Colombian ex-convicts; pieces fabricated by UK charity Out of the Dark; Vij5’s NewspaperWood cabinets; and a dining-table top created out of recycled glass bottles by resident designer Dian Simpson.