Our boldest interior design decisions include  decorating a £5m loft with chairs made by ex-convicts  and re-using discarded glass bottles to build the bar of a London private member's club.  

We aim to unite the artistic, the socially conscious, the disadvantaged and the affluent through design. 


Architecture Re-imagined

What if buildings could wear temporary facades like party dresses? Or a curtain-like structure as in stage design? These could allow pre-existing architecture to be redesigned in a more sustainable fashion, using less material resources. This optimisation, favouring a temporary upgrade over a permanent renovation, is an experimental form of upcycling, a priority for both Studio Aisslinger and 19 greek street.

We collaborated with Aisslinger in 2012 for Architecture Re-imagined, a project in which we gave our townhouse a bold new look, dressing it in a colourful outfit of textiles from Danish company Kvadrat for the duration of London Design Festival.

The installation tied in with the launch of Nina Tolstrup’s Re-imagined furniture collection, for which the same fabrics were used.