The art of progress - a sustainable lifestyle exhibition.

On 27th September, our doors closed on 'The Art of Progress', the exhibition I consider to be our most visionary and innovative yet.


For the first time, we had expanded our scope beyond design to include art, fashion, electronics and even food & drink. It was also the first time we had created such an engaging and interactive experience for participants, comprised of a design cafe, an apartment, a lecture room, a meditation room and even an immersive 3D virtual reality movie. But best of all, it achieved a personal objective which has been walking alongside me for a long time: To deeply touch and inspire people. 

Whilst some of the many visitors who swarmed in and out of the space merely zipped through as they ticked off their 'to-do lists'... we found most guests to be lingering much longer than expected: exchanging, exploring and reflecting. 

I was chuffed to hear a well-recognized design editor from Japan express “ A journey through your building is like a journey into myself”.

Now I certainly can’t take all the credit for this myself. I only created and orchestrated a space for wonderful ‘artists' from various industries to play, exchange, meet and share their work. Inspiring 'ethics and sustainability' professionals at the top of their fields lectured us on the world's current global shift in consciousness, inviting us to be part of it. More mystically, spiritual teachers of many types hosted talks and workshops, creatively shaping 'nearly-cosmic’ experiences where people could feel safe to dive-in and journey deep into their souls.

It is with a sense of deep contentment that I say "Thank you" to everyone who worked hard to share a little piece of their heart in our space. But also, an extra special thanks to all the visitors who willingly accepted our invitation to let their soul be stirred, even if only lightly and gently. 

I am excited to announce that what seemed to be an end on 27 September was actually just a beginning. 

The "Art of Progress" will continue as a living project for ethical lifestyle through recurring exhibitions, related events and a strong online presence. 


Exhibitions similar to this first one will take place twice per year in the spring and the fall. 


Through out the year, between our own exhibitions,19 greek street will be playing host to a series of smaller related events -talks, workshops, seminars- all in line with our philosophy. 


We will maintain a strong online presence, updating our website twice per month with new stories for readers to enjoy. 

Additionally, all of the featured products will be available to buy on our partner’s website

Our social media will continue to be updated, but it will also become more personal as it follows me on my many adventures as I gather inspiration to shape the future of this project. 

First stop: a convent in Rio de Janeiro  where I am writing from today. 

A very special and warm thank you goes to Rachael Moloney who has shined as she played CRUCIAL role as my associate on the project, and lastly a more general thank you to all who have been part of this journey from this first stage. I look forward to an inspiring, adventurous and a passionate time ahead with all of you. 

With lots of love and light. 

Marc Peridis 

Founder & Creative director 

19 greek street